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Dwight participated in many sports in his youth, however, it was football that became his passion, and between the ages of twelve and thirty it was his first love. After retiring from professional football, he kept his hands in the game as a Broadcaster. But broadcasting did not ignite Dwight’s passion the way football did.


People ultimately stick to what they know, but Dwight wanted to venture into something new and exciting. Broadcasting allowed him a window to acting. Once Dwight explored the craft of acting, he found it to be just as rewarding as his love for football.

Dwight made a decision to leave the sports arena completely. He immersed himself in the study of film and theater.  The discipline and focus he developed from years of sports training provided the necessary foundation he needed to educate himself in this new arena.


The skilled craft of acting is a very challenging profession and has become his second love. It has taught Dwight to observe the nuances of human behavior and emotions to create realistic characters in a performance.

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